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Speaker, III Congreso de la Red España de Historia Ambiental de España, May 11-13.
“Descentralizando la historia de la biodiversidad: el conocimiento científico y su co-construcción con políticas nacionales ambientales en el ICONA.” Session – “Movimientos sociales-ambientales. Nuevas propuestas.”


Speaker, British Society for the History of Science, July 13.
“‘If You Need a New Microscope – Why Purchase an Old One?’ Scientific Advertisements in Nature and Their Role in the Printed Forum of the Laboratory Research Community.” Lightning Session – “Patrons, Publics, and Profiteers: Selling Science in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.”

Host and organiser, Journal of Trial and Error events, June 15.
“Open Science rankings: yes, no, or not this way? A debate on developing and implementing transparency metrics.”
A three-way debate organized by the Journal of Trial and Error, the Open Science Community Tilburg and Utrecht, and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (Leiden).

Invited speaker, Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular, February 2.
“¿Qué es una publicación científica? Reflexiones históricas, filosóficas, y críticas.”
Roundtable – “¿Qué es una publicación científica? Cómo generar una publicación científica. Tipos de publicaciones. Publicar en abierto: Open Science. Publicar resultados negativos.”


Speaker, Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, October 29.
“To be a molecular scientist: Technical social responsibility in 1970s Nature advertisements and leaders.”

Host and organiser, Journal of Trial and Error events, November 30.
Journal Launch Online Event: Opening Issue, the Journal of Trial and Error.

Invited speaker, Universidad Técnica de Manabí, IV Conveción Científica Internacional, October 20.
“Ciencia Abierta: Globalidad y Localidad.”
Roundtable – “Sistemas latinoamericanos de indexación: ética o estética.” 

Panellist, Open Publishing Fest, May 25.
“Presenting the Journal of Trial and Error.”

Invited speaker and panellist, University of Bern, Society Symposium, February 21.
“The Journal of Trial and Error meets the Early-Career Swiss Society for Neuroscience.”

Invited speaker, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Open Science Community RproducibiliTea meeting, February 12.
“ReproducibiliTea: Meet the Journal of Trial and Error.”


Seminar organiser and presenter, Utrecht University, November 26.
“Engaged History: Should Academia Lead to Activism?”

Invited speaker, Cambridge University, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, July 19.
“The Journal of Trial and Error. Publishing science in the making: trying and erring in the age of open science”.
Annual Graduate Student Symposium.


Blogpost (2021). “Online conferences won’t do it. Instead of ‘sustainable’ academic history, we need engaged historians working less and collaborating with activists”, Sustainable Academia seires, Next Generation Action Team (NEXTGATe), European Society for Environmental History and Historians for Future.

Interview (2020). “JOTE in conversation with researchers: Daniël Lakens. Whose fault is it that science is irreproducible? And who the heck are metascientists?Journal of Trial and Error.

Interview (2020). “JOTE in conversation with researchers. How does failure arise? How do you deal with it? – Léa Roumazeilles.Journal of Trial and Error.

Blogpost (2020). “Open Science Symposium – Starting off with the Natural Sciences.Blog: the Road to Open Science, Open Science Community Utrecht.

Editorial, with Martijn van der Meer (2019). “Are we facing a bigger monster? The Journal of Trial and Error visits Cambridge.Journal of Trial and Error.

Blogpost (2020). “Holanda Abierta.” Post in blog of association ‘Científicos Españoles en los Países Bajos/Spanish Scientists in the Netherlands (CENL/SWNL)’.