Hello, my name is Max.

Max Bautista Perpinyà (oliviodare)

My name is Max Bautista Perpinyà and I am a PhD student in the History and Philosophy of Science, based in UCLouvain, in Belgium. I am an ‘Aspirant’ Fellow of the FNRS. I am working on the history of biodiversity conservation in Spain in the last decade of the twentieth century.

Welcome to my website, built using GitHub Pages/Jekyll. On these pages, you’ll find a sort of open CV. The basic structure is this:

Socials and getting in touch

My online handle is usually oliviodare.
This is my twitter –> Mastodon.
This is my linkedin.
This is my ORCID (0000-0002-5202-6961).
This is my Github profile.
This is the lab where I’m currently working.
My email is max ·dot· bautista ·at· uclouvain ·dot· be